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Campus AED leasing program is designed for all kinds of industrise. The purpose is to help employee enhance their safety and risk awareness by configuring AED equipment and providing corresponding safety services. In the event of accidents, AED will be uesd to protect the life of patient. As a result, it will reduce the loss and save the life.

Although it is a good sign that factory has an AED, but AED equipment itself will not save people. We suggest you to reflect the questions below:

  • How to choose the suitable AED equipment for your office?
  • How many AED devices does our school need to configure?
  • How to select AED equipment?
  • Who will do the daily maintenance of AED equipment after purchase?
  • How should the AED equipment be added to the organization to formulate the appropriate use specifications?
  • Who is responsible for using AED equipment?
  • Who is responsible for the training of AED equipment?
  • Who is responsible for communicating with the AED manufacturer?
  • Is there any legal risk if an AED fails to save the life?

Our Solution

We will help you to build a risk management syetem and it will help you to manage the AED. We will provide the service such as AED training, maintenance of  AED, legal aid, customer hotline and so on.


Introduction of Sinoaid


Sinoaid Health Promotion Center is a professional pre-hospital ambulance support non-profit organization, has long been committed to the development of AED equipment hosting and AED operator training services for enterprises and institutions. The earliest AED hosting service can be traced back to its collaboration with Cardiac Science in 2006 on the hosting of AED devices in China, which has lasted for more than 10 years. Our clients include Cisco Systems, Bank of Merrill Lynch and Emerson, all of which are world-class enterprises.


If you have any question, please make the phone call: 021-51082260 or email: