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Ayi First Aid Training

Firstaidchina.com provides First Aid, CPR, AED, Workplace First-Aid, Nanny, Driving First-Aid, and Parent and Caregiver Safety Training in Shanghai, China. As AED (Automated External Defibrillator) provider - Cardiac Science’s only designated training organization in mainland China , our mission is:

To provide comprehensive and integrated Sinoaid Health certified courses in First Aid, CPR, and AED training to our developing society— to educate and motivate people to live safer and healthier lives whether at home, work, school, or at play by reducing injuries, deaths, human suffering, and losses caused by preventable accidents.

To train everyone to be confident in their CPR and First-Aid skills needed to respond to any emergency situation, and to provide top-quality safety training to enable prompt, confident, and effective action in the event of an emergency—whether at work, home, outdoors, or in an extreme environment.

Corporate First Aid or Individual First Aid Training

Our first aid and CPR training program can be taught on-site anywhere in Shanghai, China, in either English or Chinese. The content of our course is compliant with the American Heart Association (AHA). All of our courses are tailored to fit your unique needs, whether you are a teacher, coach, parent, nanny, driver, or a tour industry, hotel industry, or other corporate employee. All of our instructors are either nurses or physicians licensed in America or China, and are certified by the Sinoaid Health Promotion Center of Shanghai (Charged by Health Bureau of Huang Pu, Shanghai China).

Workplace Safety Training in Shanghai China

If you had a medical emergency today, would you be prepared? Where would you go? Who would you talk to ? How would you get help? Your goal is to keep your people safe. Let firstaidchina.com to be your partner with best-in-class health and safety training to support your safety program requirements. Employees trained in firstaidchina.com and safety programs make their workplaces safer for themselves, their coworkers and their employers.

Firstaidchina.com workplace safety training course will give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to protect equipment, facilities and, most importantly, each other against unintentional injuries and death, while reducing the associated costs to your organization.

We help your employees

  • Recognize safety hazards and correct them
  • Avoid incidents and near-misses to prevent injuries
  • Understand safety best practices and expectations
  • The Value of Safety

The course will teach your employees about

  • Your Role in the EMS System
  • Disease Transmission and Prevention
  • Emergency Action Steps
  • Checking a Conscious Person
  • Checking an Unconscious Person
  • Putting It All Together (CHECK-CALL-CARE)

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